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Welcome to Threadlove!

My name is Bonnie and I have been designing for embroidery for 15 years.
On this website you'll find a wide variety of designs for your sewing pleasure!

I'm adding instant download so you can start your project right away! Each page with instant download available is clearly marked. All designs on the unmarked pages are emailed within 24 hours.

All the new designs have special introductory prices. Visit often so you don't miss out!

Catalog Of Embroidery Designs

In the hoop embroidery - Penguin Gift-EZ

In the hoop embroidery - Penguin Gift-EZ

In the hoop Gingerbread Gift-EZ
Owl Gift-EZ Bat Gift-EZ Ghost Gift-EZ

In the hoop Penguin Gift-EZ

Made in the hoop thread snip ornament 01

Holiday Embroidery Designs - Swirl Christmas Tree

Penguin Gift-EZ


Thread Snips Ornament

Embroidery Designs

Free Standing Embroidery - Flag Heart In The Hoop Embroidery - Hanging Organizer

Spiral Flag Filled Embroidery Design

Free Standing Charms

Just added
Nw size and styles!

Hanging Organizer

Assorted Singles
In The Hoop Embroidery - Present Gift EZ

Machine Embroidery Dog - Love Paw

Coaster Embroidery Designs 03


Designs for Dog Lovers

ITH Coasters

In The Hoop Puppy Purse 02 Sunbonnet Embroidery Design 1 Spiral Heart 2 Embroidery Design

ITH Puppy Purse

Sunbonnet Ladies

Spiral Heart

Butterfly Embroidery Designs Spiral Embroidery Designs 05

Easter Embroidery Designs - Easter Bunny Charm

Luxury Butterfly Spirals Easter Charms
5 Charms in All
 Spiral Star Embroidery Design Machine Embroidery Bird Heart Lollipop Covers Embroidery Designs
Spiral Star Color Line Birds Heart Lollipop Covers
Under The Sea Embroidery - Tropical Fish Cardinal Embroidery Designs Free Standing Lips Embroidery Design
Under The Sea Cardinals Free Standing
Charms Lips
Monogram Spiral Lace Embroidery Designs. Dragon Embroidery Designs - Winged Dragon
Monogram Spiral Font Lace Embroidery Designs
Free Standing Hearts
Starry Night 1 Starry Night 2 Florals Angel Embroidery Patterns.
Starry Starry Night Starry Night 2
Angel Embroidery Patterns
Machine Embroidery Quilt 1a Embroidery Lace Design - Free Standing Shell Border. Butterfly Embroidery Designs
Dream Maker

Embroidery Lace Design - Free Standing Shell Border

Luxury Butterfly
School Embroidery Designs - Pencil Toppers School Embroidery Designs - Pencil Bookmark
Pencil Toppers Pencil Bookmark
Free Standing Lace Machine Embroidery Vintage Decor Embroidery - Frame Monogram-Embroidery-G.
Free Standing
Floral Lace Border
Vintage Frame Monogram Embroidery
Magnificent Monograms
Machine Embroidery Dog Racing Flags Embroidery Design Sunflower Cow Embroidery Design
Machine Embroidery Dogs Assorted Singles Cows
Redwork Wine 10 Embroidery Design Carnations Machine Embroidery Dogs are hungry
Redwork Wine Carnations Meet The Dog
Watermelon Embroidery Design Free Standing Lace Circle Star Charm Summer Wardrobe Swimsuit.
Watermelon FSL Charms Summer Wardrobe
Tropical Bird Embroidery Kingfisher Under The Sea Embroidery - Tropical Fish Fantasy Mermaid Embroidery Design
Tropical Birds Under The Sea Fantasy Mermaid
Machine Embroidery Designs - Ribbon Collection. Kitchen Embroidery Designs Lace Embroidery - Full Blossom Collection.
Ribbon Collection Kitchen Embroidery Lace Embroidery
Full Blossom
Bottle Bear Baby Embroidery Patterns Rainbow Bridge Embroidery Design Machine Embroidery Bird
Baby Embroidery Patterns Rainbow Bridge Color Line Birds
Redwork Ballet. Machine embroidery design - Floral Rhapsody Redwork Puppy.
Redwork Ballet Machine Embroidery Design
Floral Rhapsody
Redwork Puppies
 Angel Embroidery Patterns. Embroidery Pattern - TGIF. Monogram Machine Embroidery - Magic Wand A
Angel Embroidery Patterns Embroidery Pattern
Magic Wand

Embroidery Designs - Zebra Puppet. Baby Bib Design Embroidery. Embroidery machine patterns - The Apples Of My Eye
Machine Embroidery Patterns
Animal Finger Puppets
Baby Bib Design Embroidery Embroidery Machine Patterns
The Apples Of My Eye
In The Hoop Darcy Doll In The Hoop Carlos Z Cat
Chestnut Tree.
ITH Darcy Doll ITH Carlos Z Cat More Singles
Butterfly Corner Lace. Free Standing Lace Lapels. Sweet Floral Border
Butterfly Corner Free Standing
Lace Lapels
Sweet Floral Border
Floral Fantasy. Coffee Clock. Wizardry Dragon.
Floral Fantasy Coffee Break Wizardry
Holiday Embroidery Designs - Garland 9-11 Angel. Doctor's Orders Clock.
Holiday Garland 9-11 Angel Doctor's Orders
home decor embroidery 2 color medallion Holiday Embroidery Designs - Glamour Christmas Tree Holiday Embroidery Designs - Snowflake Ornament
Royal Jubilation Glamour Christmas Tree Snowflake Ornament
Christmas embroidery designs - Reindeer Finger Puppet. Holiday Embroidery Designs Lighten Up Holiday Embroidery Designs - Swirl Christmas Tree
Christmas Embroidery Designs - Christmas Finger Puppets. Holiday Embroidery Designs Swirl Christmas Tree
Snow Fairy 3 Holiday Embroidery Designs - Peace Christmas Tree Holiday Embroidery Designs - FSL Ornaments
Snow Fairies Peace Christmas Tree FSL Ornaments


There are sample embroidery designs available in many of the sets. 

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Digitizing for embroidery is both a skill and an artform. I have spent many years learning and perfecting my talents and abililities. Each design represents hours of work to design, digitize, test, and present. I take great care to ensure to eliminate unnecessary trims, jumps and color changes.

I provide designs in DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, and VIP formats. Other formats are available upon request.